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® "In Between the Beginning and the End "

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L.J. Ferrari
28 September
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I just want every one to know what I write in my Blog is my opinion and mine alone. I write about things that happen to me or things that are on my mind the day before or that morning. What I say is usually tongue in cheek and not meant to defame or hurt anyone. Yet on occasion I have been known to rub salt in the wound. When I mention God its whom I choose to be God, not yours or anybody else. When I read the news I interpret it around my slanted sense of humor or disgust whatever way I see it at the time. The last thing in the world I want to do is hurt someone and if I did or do I am truly sorry. If I hurt your feelings you can be sure it was not intentional. If you felt that I did, its OK to confront me and or tell me. My EM address is above. This Blog is an amends, a venting tool, a confession or whatever I want it to be. Thank you for understanding.....Leave a message at the beep......
60s 70s, abba, accents, andy warhol, angelina jolie, arizona dream, arts, baseball, bee gees, beyonce, biking, birds, blues, books, books on cd, buck 65, canada, canarys, cars, castles, catherine zeta jones, cats, change, chickens, citizens, civil war, collecting, computers, concerts, country, culture, curly hair, david lee roth, def leppard, diamonds, disney world, diversity, dogs, drama, dreams, driving fast, dvd's, ernest hemingway, fighter pilots, flips, folk, football, france, freaks and geeks, fridays, friends, garfield, gemini, ghost world, girl watching, girls, goatees, green tea, hair dye, halloween, history, hot girls, hot topics, internet, japanese food, jazz, jenny mccarthy, jerry lee, jessica alba, johnny cash, kissing, kittens, labyrinth, lady ga-ga, laughing, laughter, lincon, lingering, literature, live music, livejournal, love, making fun of people, making love, mariah, meeting people, mosh, motley crue, movies, music, mustang cars, mustangs, nintendo, novels, objects, ocean, open-mindedness, organizing, owls, painting, parties, people watching, personal philosophy, pets, photography, pictures, pits, playboy, poetry, pop culture, puppies, radiohead, rain, reading, relativity, revolution, rhymes, road trips, rock music, rollercoasters, sarcasm, sea mammals, seeing things, sex and the city, shakira, short stories, simplicity, sleeping, smiles, sound, summer, taking pictures, taylor swift, thunderstorms, together, u2, van halen, video games, water, writing, your song, zapping, zingers, zippers, zztop

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