"Another Day"

I was thinking.. Here I am after a three year adventure into the unknown.. Someone said I was on a Sabbatical.. True although not in a religious sense, I actually explored the whole East Coast of America while on my search for a warmer climate to live in… I did live in World War II housing so primitive I was embarrassed. As you know I would go to various Motels just to get out or get away from my surrounding's. I give credit to the people that live in that place just for staying there.. I tried to explain to them that there were better places but they were stuck there.. However some left including myself but they continue to stay.. I guess people become locked in to somewhere moving is too inconvenient or too much work.. My Dad said "I have gypsy blood" because of my desire to move at a moments notice.. I think I'm done with that though… Stay tuned…


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