"New Day


         The tourists and lookie-loos will be gone soon and my beaches will be vacant again.. My new thing now to do is go to the beach and listen to my book on CD on my phone. I have a comfortable new low beach chair and all I have to do is lay back and listen.. I got here in July and have not installed my Air Conditioner.. I've gotten three pretty low electric bills so far. That’s how I count how long I've been home… What does that mean? I don't know.. Its getting cooler I guess. I'm on the sun comes in the morning side of the building so its naturally cooler now in my apartment. 

        I've thought about it but I haven't been back to the old place. That's a good thing. I do miss a few people there but I really don't want to be in that area anymore.. Here I have been finding new shortcuts through the woods where there is no traffic. Speed seems to be the way everyone does things now-a-days so no traffic in the woods is the way to go.. Just like the old days. No highways where everyone seems to be going 95 mph plus.. Takes a little longer but I love it… Its true my life is changing for the good I think.. I don't look at what happened to me as a bad thing. It was a tough learning experience.. My loving Dad was right as usual when he said, "You learn by your mistakes…


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