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"I Remember This"

I walked into the kitchen and there was a newspaper on the kitchen table. This was it. I was 7 years old. A few weeks before this incident my Grandmother and Aunt Mary took me to New York to visit their friends in the Italian section of the City. That's what they said. I remember that.. We rode the Subway, I seen a drunk sleeping on the street in the Bowery, went to the Bronx Zoo and ate at the Auto-Mat.. We also went to the top of the Empire State Building. My Aunt picked me up so I could see over the side.. I remember the cars looked like ants.. The elevator ride to the top was one of fastest rides I had ever been on.. Irony is years later I thought I would go to New York and take pictures from the top of the World Trade Center. I never went.. A few weeks later, you know what happened... I've had an amazing life so far.. I have some of the greatest memories..Story of the plane crash below.. Stay tuned...

On this day in History.... A United States military plane crashes into the Empire State Building on this day in 1945, killing 14 people. The freak accident was caused by heavy fog. The B-25 Mitchell bomber, with two pilots and one passenger aboard, was flying from New Bedford, Massachusetts, to LaGuardia Airport in New York City. As it came into the metropolitan area on that Saturday morning, the fog was particularly thick. Air-traffic controllers instructed the plane to fly to Newark Airport instead. This new flight plan took the plane over Manhattan; the crew was specifically warned that the Empire State Building, the tallest building in the city at the time, was not visible. The bomber was flying relatively slowly and quite low, seeking better visibility, when it came upon the Chrysler Building in midtown. It swerved to avoid the building but the move sent it straight into the north side of the Empire State Building, near the 79th floor. Upon impact, the plane’s jet fuel exploded, filling the interior of the building with flames all the way down to the 75th floor and sending flames out of the hole the plane had ripped open in the building’s side. One engine from the plane went straight through the building and landed in a penthouse apartment across the street. Other plane parts ended up embedded in and on top of nearby buildings. The other engine snapped an elevator cable while at least one woman was riding in the elevator car. The emergency auto brake saved the woman from crashing to the bottom, but the engine fell down the shaft and landed on top of it. Quick-thinking rescuers pulled the woman from the elevator, saving her life. Since it was a Saturday, fewer workers than normal were in the building. Only 11 people in the building were killed, some suffering burns from the fiery jet fuel and others after being thrown out of the building. All 11 victims were workers from War Relief Services department of the National Catholic Welfare Conference, into the offices of which the plane had crashed. The three people on the plane were also killed. An 18 foot by 20 foot hole was left in the side of the Empire State Building. Though its structural integrity was not affected, the crash did cause nearly $1 million in damages, about $10.5 million in today’s money.
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