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"Down or Up"

Update or it could be a down date.. I'm down and feeling blue.. Why you may ask? Or maybe not but I'm going to tell you anyways... We just changed the time. Spring ahead, fall back and all that stuff. Spring is here.. Well not really.. We are having a Blizzard Tuesday with 50 to, now are you ready for this...70 mile per hour winds.. I shouldn't even be here.. Can you imagine no power in freezing weather and its supposed to Spring? I don't know whether I should weather the storm or go somewhere (motel) with a Generator.. ((OMG I used two weathers in one sentence.)).. Guess where they have a generator? In Niantic where I am moving in the future... But here I sit in World War II housing venting to my blog.. I haven't done that in a while.. It was good to share that...Please laugh I am only kidding...Well, not really but what can I say.. I'm where the (N) is where it says New Haven...


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Mar. 13th, 2017 10:55 am (UTC)
Well, you can have winter storm or blizzard. Which do you prefer? Both bad options. If you stay where you are I'd be going for an old kerosine heater or perhaps gas, but you'd need lots of ventilation (there was plenty of that when I was a kid. Brr!)

It seems wherever we are, spring is unpredictable.

I hope you get through this all right. I know you have circulation problems. I also hope your blues lift soon and you feel a 'spring' in your step and there is colour in your world. Right now I guess you hunker down and...I was going to say watch a movie but there will be no power...maybe read a book? I don't know how people get through cold weather without electricity. In those areas I would have back up systems. Here, I have insulation and a wood heater (and live in a mild climate). WWII housing would be freezing!

It will be our turn soon. I predict we will have a cold, dry winter. Well, the days might be sunny but the nights will be frosty. What have I got to complain about? Not much. I have a good man who will supply me with firewood from off my property.

Maybe your supplies of Vit D in your blood are getting low? Also, zinc.

I hope you get to where you want to live SOON! May you never spend another winter where you are.

Mar. 13th, 2017 12:26 pm (UTC)
Thank you,K I will manage and this will pass.. I love your letter thank you again.. I will survive we always do.. I guess its about wants and needs and the poor me's.. It will pass..
Mar. 14th, 2017 02:30 am (UTC)
Good to know you will survive...with a bit of suffering, methinks! Your weather hit our news last night! It didn't look good. Stay warm and safe!
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