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"On this Week in History"

Not much happening on this day in History... Except of coarse my car needing a new radiator which was a two day event so I decided to do something different. I rode the bus.. I waited at a bus stop and rode the bus to a coffee shop and the park.. When was the last time you rode on a bus? I got my car back the other day and it runs fine now..We had snow the other day and that pissed me off. Now its freezing, like 9 degrees and a Blizzard is coming next Tuesday just in time for daylight savings time.. I feel trapped here like I'm a prisoner.. The new thing is I can download Audio books to my damn phone. So far am I listening to my second book however I miss the cute Librarian now. Its her and the one on one conversation with her gorgeous smile. The sad thing is its easy to do.. You have 20 days or so to listen and its easy.. The Samsung Galaxy J7 so is unbelievably hard to screw up.. Anyways, I feel trapped.. Been going to meet with my friends which is my only way out.. I really mean it when I say I can't wait to move back to Niantic...
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Mar. 12th, 2017 10:23 am (UTC)
I'd hate to be without my car for two days! This has never happened, thankfully. Always fixed in one day. I have got a lift or a courtesy car and waited at home for the mechanic's to call but that means two outings in one day and people to talk to.

It's a long, long time since I went in a bus, and the last time was because it was in place of a train. Easily ten years ago. I know in some places a lot of people take public transport, but not here. It's only been a short while that there has been any public transport at all.

Yeah, if you can download audio books I guess that's one less human interaction you have. Just like using the ATM or automatic checkout. Way too impersonal.

Glad you are meeting up with friends today and I hope your car repair doesn't cost too much!
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