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"The Draft"

Originally posted on Saturday, April 2, 2011

Its one of those days that I can’t think of where to begin… Lets see, I could write about why the CIA is on the front page of the news papers around the country? That is strange. The CIA is a secret government agency. I could write about the radiation in the rain and in the food and milk in the U.S.? I did hear the word Plutonium being tossed around and I could write about that? There is always a story about the what-ifs, and if our troops are being sent to the Middle East to quell the rioting? I could write that if we do that we might have to start drafting kids out of high school? I didn’t hear anyone mention that. I guess you would lose too many votes if you bring that up. I could write about why there are no Senators or Congressmen sons or daughters fighting that vengeful, hateful God who uses Virgins as a ploy in those horrible places? I prefer the older more experienced woman myself…
I suppose I could say something about all those wonderful jobs in fast-food, lawn-care or construction that seemed to have popped up out of nowhere? I could write about how the major gas companies that don’t pay taxes and still get refunds? There is always the topic about corruption and how our country is being manipulated by Lawyers, corruption and greed? There is always something to say about how our oceans are being polluted by oil and now radiation? I could mention the Mercury in the Tuna? That will be the least of your worries in the future now. I could mention that your life expectancy will be shortened by Cancer like those in Japan who will die in just a few years? I could mention that freedom of speech today means you can say anything you want but you can only say certain things if they decide you can say it?…. Of coarse, I could go around pretending that we all live in a bubble here in the United States and say nothing…
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