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Before and After 3

This should be the last one for now... 2 years ago I took a few pictures of abandoned houses. This is one of them..

In the past year they have been working on it.. This is the result so far. The thing is right next door there is a house for sale.. Its been that way for a while..
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Jul. 25th, 2016 09:18 am (UTC)
I'm glad that this one has at least been fixed up!

I've been wanting to tell you a story. 'Our' house (that's the one I grew up in from the age of 2 1/2 and dad is still there)...Apparently had rafters or something in the roof needed fixing at the time we moved in. The roof was sagging, apparently. I don't remember dad fixing it, but I do remember the kikuku grass growing up the verandah walls (yes, we'd had a run of good seasons at that time) and also I remember dad cutting the grass around the outhouse with a reaping hook (hand-held syckle) ('cause he didn't have a mower yet - in fact at firsthe borrowed the landlord's push mower which was too heavy for me to push) so that we didn't accidentally tread on any snakes when going to the toilet. The agreement was and still is that dad repair the house. He only pays a small amount of rent. Originally he helped with the fencing, relief milking (well, the whole family bar mum and the little kids did that) and occasionally any other jobs that needed doing eg get the hay in if a thunderstorm threatened and sometimes dad would plough a paddock. He learned the latter skill as a kid on the farm(s) he grew up on. Oh yes, and I also remember he showed me how to sew up a bag of wheat and how to leave the 'ears' so that someone could get hold of it, hoist it on the truck, and arrange the bags on the back on the truck. Dad was probably driving the header (Sunshine Harvester), too. I remember the cutting action of its blades (just like giant shearing blades!) and the grain going in the hopper and the chaff out the shute on the side. Dad must have stopped and filled the bags each time the hopper got full. Ah, memories of a good farm life! We certainly were decently fed and the house is kept in good condition even today (although dad has to pay someone to do it, now).

I can see why houses are abandoned, now. Work dries up and people move away. I always wondered why a perfectly looking car was left in front of that garage.

Edited at 2016-07-25 09:19 am (UTC)
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