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"Words that make you think"

            Barbara and I went out with some of my friends and I don’t know of another way to say this except to say she fit right in. I am starting to feel comfortable being with her and I’m glad we not rushing into a sexual thing. My walls are falling down and I am feeling close to this attractive woman and judging by the way she is with me the feeling is mutual. We are just letting it happen if you know what I mean. You will never guess what and where we went and what we did last night?……Give up? Its something I haven’t done in years. We went bowling. Yes, you read that right, bowling. She beat me so bad I can still feel it…I loved every minute of it.. We had a really good time. I have no expectations is a safe way of saying let it happen slowly and that’s the way we feel.

         Now, a little bit of some, “Words that make you think“…I was talking to a friend of mine who just happens to be Catholic priest about God and a the mystery of a strength greater than myself. I asked him about the connection of God and the church and a drug addict or an alcoholic who has denied God but now needs a power greater than him or her self to stay clean or stop drinking. He said “Lar, The people who go to church every Sunday are afraid to go to Hell. The people who ask God to help them stay clean and sober have already been there“. “That’s the difference“…I still have goose bumps….

Tags: beat, bowling, bumps, goose, greater, hell, loved, mutual, power, priest
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