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You will know when its time.

“You will know when its time”, was the answer my friend told me many years ago when I asked that very important question. It wasn’t so much the when that I was worried about. That was inevitable. The unasked question was, what happens if I do this? That was the scary part. Fear of the unknown. Was I willing to change my life completely was question I asked myself? Its also the waiting for the “Knowing if it’s the right time” that bothered me. To my surprise, he was right. I did know when it was time and did what I was waiting for and it changed my life forever. It sent me in a direction that I never imagined possible. Although I didn’t know it at the time I had reinvented myself. I looked the same, sounded the same but I was a different person. What I did gave me a positive attitude and a new outlook on the mystery of life. My life as I had lived it in the past was over. Still, doing what I did wasn’t easy because all the dead ends and pitfalls were still there but I survived everything. It wasn’t often but there were times when I thought that maybe I had made a mistake. As time went on I discovered that I didn’t. I did what I did for a reason. Today I can say it was peace of mind and for the most part it was. Just before I did what I did I thought, there has to be more to life than the way I was living. When it was finally done it was like I had broken threw the fog and seen the light..There was a time when I looked for other reasons but I stopped looking a long long time ago. I just know it wasn’t a mistake. It was not an easy decision to do what I did and a few lives were changed. No one was hurt just inconvenienced and today I don’t regret it for one second…


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