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Nov. 23rd, 2008 - Part I

I haven't watched TV in 4 years and this is one of the reasons...

It was really cold yesterday and I didn’t go out much. There are to many commercials on TV to get interested in anything good and I was bored so I was flipping through the channels and I seen Montel on a home shopping network. I’ll bet Oprah wouldn’t do that. I think poor Montel needs a job. Maybe Oprah could hire him as a co-host. Then I noticed all the shows that people make fools out of themselves…Oh my God I seen the has-been actors and actresses, the wanna be stars, the overweight people that lose weight for competition on TV. They exploit half naked teen girls and young woman. They show young woman getting breast implants then having a face lift and Botox injections. They show guys with their over sized clothes and gold chains and much to large hats on sideways or backwards dressed like pimps. The actors and actresses in Drug rehabs and on the next channel they advertise you have more fun if you drink and use drugs. They have shows that promote indecent behavior and shows where the participants have too much money not saying where they got it or where they earned it. Its twisted and sick and there is nothing funny or interesting about the shows that corrupt the morals of impressionable young minds. Don’t these freaks and weirdo’s know that kids learn by example and what they see on TV. Hmmm, maybe its why they do the stuff they do? Its all under the guise of making money. The almighty dollar rules and it doesn’t matter whose mind they screw up in the process. They take advantage of the families who have to work and leave kids home unsupervised. Its open season to corrupt a young mind. I know they plan and do this… I can hear them laughing at the staff meeting now. These are strange sick freaks. The worst part is they must have an audience or it wouldn’t be on. Would it?….A few years ago I happened to see a show with a guy named Jerry Springer. Is there still an audience for that freak? That was or is the worst display of human ignorance and indecency I have ever seen. Rats and mice have a thousand times more dignity that the psychopaths on that show. I would be embarrassed to be in the same room with those freaks of nature. I sometimes write about Fruitcakes (the nuts) on the news. I guess these are the Springer people that couldn’t make to cut and get on TV.


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