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"All Over Again"....

       Today, I am going to do all the things I said I was going to do yesterday because I decided to go get a haircut instead and didn’t have time to do all the other stuff. What a life I lead.. I have been staying up late and sleeping in so during the day I don’t have time to do stuff. Its 45 days till spring and I can’t wait..

        I seen Capt. Sullenbuger being honored at the Super Bowl and tears came to my eyes. There is nobody more deserving than that pilot and his crew. He and his crew are classic examples of American heroes.

      The link below is 360 degree picture of the cockpit of the new Airbus Air-380 with all the new technology. Its not the 320 he flew, its a larger verson and a newer plane. When you see the picture click the arrows on the bottom of the page. Its amazing……..


Tags: cockpit, haircut, heros
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