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    The news tomorrow will read. "Upset in the Super Bowl". Cardinals win 31-28...Steelers go home with their heads down after a valiant effort….Larry picks the underdog and wins! How does he do it? How does he know these things?  


      The Food and Drug administration sends me an EM every time there is a recall on something.. So far I have received 73 recalls on peanut butter stuff and everything that ever dreamed of having peanut butter in it.. From dog food to donuts. It’s the worst I have ever seen…At this rate there won’t be anything left on the shelves. I didn't know that so much stuff had peanut butter filling in it....Thats not good...


     Connecticut is debating whether to let package stores open on Sunday. That’s just what the people need another day buy booze to get drunk.


      Now, the local news….Two librarians from Connecticut ages 71 and 51 were killed in Denver on their way to the airport in a cab. They were coming home from a convention. The 71 year old woman was retired but she still read stories to the children. They arrested a 40 year old woman for DWI. She was driving a pick- up druck. It was a hit and run but the police later found her.

       In Vernon Connecticut a 41 year old man was killed while walking, by a suspected drink driver, a 40 year old woman….She was arrested for DWI. A witness at scene said there was blood everywhere.....

    Today, Super Bowl day.... This is according to the Connecticut news. The Police in the state of Connecticut will be working overtime to arrest drunk drivers. They will be setting up spot checks all over the state. Is it Sunday?   Hmmm Is there something wrong with that picture……… Its my personal opinion that any Legestator who votes to let the Alcohol dealers, (They are Drug dealers after all ) open on Sunday is absolute Insane…….

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