L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Family Homes"

This is my Grandmothers house where we lived until my Dad saved enough money to buy his own. Its on 26 Grove St. Windsor Locks Connecticut.

My Dad lived in this house at 74 South Center st. Windsor Locks Conn. for 60 years. Its where my brother and I grew up. My initials are carved in the cement floor on the left side of that garage.. Its had 2 or 3 occupents since my Dad left...He paid $6000 for it.

This is the house I bought for $25,000 a very long time ago.. I'm ashamed to show it to you in this condition...  It was once owned by a Conductor for the trolley car in East Windsor Connecticut. Its had 4 or 5 occupents since I lived there. Its at 14 Dean Ave. in East Windsor Connecticut. Location Warehouse Point section.  Sadly, its a wreck now... It came with a beautiful round oak table and four matching chairs in the dining room... I found $800 dollars in $20 bills in the pull out sleave under the table..I installed 100 amp electrical service and put a bathroom on the main floor. I also had new roof shingles put on and a new paved driveway put in with the money....Except for the roof and driveway I did the work myself..... Happy Days...
Tags: connecticut, east windsor, warehouse point, windsor locks
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