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"Peace of Mind"

         Mom went out with me and did her shopping. I am glad she did it herself its good for her to get out of her apartment. She is getting tired noticeably faster now but she at least she had some fresh air.

         With a new President comes a new peace of mind and a very serene, calm feeling as things settle down. As I go about my business doing the things I usually do, there seems to be more happiness and more people smiling and I don’t think its my imagination. Of coarse, there are the people that will want to reek revenge on the USA for the past deeds we are responable for but as long as we keep trying to repair damage, the dust should settle. There will also be the countries where the people will never forgive us and will always seek revenge and I don’t blame them. They just don’t realize that getting even with the United States is an impossible task. I realize that some of the unspeakable things that happened during the “Bush war” were bad but give the new administration a chance. Right now I am waiting to hear about Osama. I have read that there have been false reports on his capture. If we get him soon he could spent this last year in Guantanamo before is closes.Now, I have this wait and see attitude about what is going to happen because I have no choice but now it seems that its ok to wait.


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