L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

About Deleteing Followers

      The other day I deleted a lot of followers from my LJ page. Please understand I am a only small time blogger who has a  tongue in cheek sarcastic attitude that, lets just say makes an occasional appearance here on LJ. As small and as insignificant as I am I still cannot tolerate ads or advertising of any kind no matter what it is. I love all the pictures from all over the world and enjoy reading all your wonderful comments about my pictures.. My mood has not been the best in the past few months because you could say I am getting old and cranky. However I have a very strict policy of not allowing people to sell me anything.. The bottom line here is I will not become a player in the world of greed and be blind to who ever they are that are controlling innocent people who don't realize what is happening to them.... I love all you guys and your wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing them with me...
Tags: player
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