L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

Bad Weather

I went to a morning meeting in Norwich Connecticut today.. I have never been so grateful to have friends like this. Where ever I go, it could be from Westerly R.I. to Clinton Connecticut we all understand each other.. We are never alone in this crazy world..There is bad weather in my part of the world tonight. I hear the thunder and see lighting flashing in the night.. Cathy lost her power. She lives in the part of the State that is noted for this kind of inconvenience. I guess I'm pretty lucky to be on the same circuit as the Police Station and the High School. I know they have emergency generators. I don't... I did where I lived before.. The lights blinked here about an hour ago but nothing happened.. I hate when I have to reset the timer on the microwave and the coffee maker.. Just kidding, take care guys and as they used say in the past "Big Brother is Watching" only now he listening also..
Tags: meeting
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