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            I just looked out the window and my car is all iced up….I really don’t like this weather…its so boring.. I have to do Moms shopping in a few minutes so I am going to cut this short.

       I still think that the Burris thing doesn’t smell right and I can’t let it go. I could say and I probably am wrong but when a State Governor is out on bail he shouldn’t be giving jobs to anyone…Especially when he has been indicted for selling those desirable high ranking political positions. Is there something wrong with that picture? The word would be “Unethical” comes to mind and I haven’t heard anyone say that. I also heard Rods trophy wife has a job that pays big bucks. A crony that works for Rod gave her this sweet position. I don’t who paid for what on that one. It might be one of those “Favors“. E.g. Rod gives the crony a job so the crony gives the trophy wife a job. There is just something wrong in Rod Land….Got to go folks.
                      Check out the music in my last post, its great….

Tags: favors, high ranking, trophy, unethical, word
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