L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"The Citizens Band Radio Fad"

 How many people remember the CB radio? Trucks on the highway still use them today to report the location of police although these days you don't really need to because it seems there is no speed limit. Today 65 really means 85. That's all you need to know...Remember when everyone just had to have one in their car or truck with the antenna on the back of the car they called a "Fire Stick"? Remember the 18 channel CB? Then they came out with the 40 channel and everybody had to have that. Remember, "breaker one nine, breaker one nine, how do you read me or in some cases, what's your twenty?" That meant where are you? There was absolutely no privacy, everyone could hear what you were saying. Its was a time when a sexy female voice really meant something. Especially late at night on your way home from work. Its was a time when everyone  had a job and didn't know what welfare or food stamps were. I remember those days fondly. I even sent a form to the Government for a FREE radio license. I still use that number today as a pass code to get on the internet. Its a long complicated number that I memorized years ago. Almost like my Army serial number. The CB Fad lasted for a while. Even today I know where they sell them. How long will the "Cell Phone Fad" last? What's odd is, a few years ago they encouraged you to buy a large screen TV. Today, "they lie to you" telling you to watch TV on your phone on that tiny screen saying everybody does it. Are they "grasping at straws" or is the Cell phone fad ending? Will you actually watch TV on that tiny screen? Its almost like the Fast-food restaurants saying "Fat is the new beautiful"...P.T. Barnum once said, "There is a sucker born everyday." and I humbly agree......
Tags: cb radio, cell phone, p.t. barnum
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