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"Free Wi-Fi Everywhere"

  I will not be told, coerced, suggested to or threatened in anyway on what to buy, when to buy it, how to buy it, how to pay for it, how many ways I can pay for it or and I especially hate when someone tells me that I can’t live without it. I will only buy exactly what I need, when I need it and only if I need it. I will only pay cash. I will never ever charge anything. If I can’t pay for it, I don’t need it. I will only use free checking and the free debit card that comes with it. I will not own a charge card and I will never pay interest on anything. There is no one anywhere that can convince me to buy anything if I don‘t want it. To even try, is a waste of time. I won’t believe anything you say if you try to convince me to buy something. I’ve heard it all before. It will never happen. If you advertise on the internet and I happen to see it I will make it my mission to go out of my way not to buy your product. I don’t watch network or cable TV but if I happen to see something I need or use I will wait for it to go on sale, use a coupon or travel a 100 miles out of my way to get it for the price I want to pay. All the ads and commercials that I happen to see are warnings of what not to buy. The result of all this is, I don‘t owe anything. Not one nickel, not one red cent to anyone. There is no way on this planet to make me charge anything. Let me give you one example. My cell phone or as I like to say, my pocket computer…Living by those rules you can imagine how hard it was to find a carrier and NOT sign one of those lengthy contracts forcing you to pay sometimes for years for internet and phone service. The kind that send you a nasty bill every month warning you, if you don’t pay they will shut it off. This all started six years ago when I changed servers and I bought a “pay as you go” (minutes) from someone I will refer to as a server. After buying minutes for one year and keeping their phone service I was automatically put on what they call, I think, a good customer list and can never lose the minutes I paid for. I can now keep those minutes or accumulate them for a full year from the date I purchased them.. I now have $50 dollars worth of minutes I can’t lose. Got it so far? Three inexpensive phones later and bringing one back I didn’t like, the battery kept dieing. I finally got after saving for it a really good Android phone that gets internet service. I say good because its fast (4G) and I paid $200 dollars for it. Its my phone no one can take back if I don’t pay. Now because I have the pay as you go service I can turn on the internet for a minute or for a day if I want to.. The cost is $2.00 for 24 hours. I look at it this way…I don’t ever turn on the internet so I don’t pay for internet service but I have the phone that gets it if I want it. I have discovered that every where I go they have internet or what they call free Wi-Fi service. I even have a wireless router that I bought at the thrift store for $10 dollars…Not connected because I don’t need it…The phone I have works great with the free Wi-Fi…I’m really surprised how good it works…total price… zero, nothing at all…It took me a while to find this but I’m glad I did what I did…I will never understand why anyone would pay for something if its free. 
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