L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"The Power of the Pen"

 I was in a melancholy mood the other morning…I was thinking about my old home town and my Grand-kids. I guess its because they are having problems in the town with the school kids. Drugs and other issues…From I what read it’s a very scary situation. I get upset and want to fix things but I have to remember there is nothing I can do about what is going on up there…It is happening all over the country. It had to come to Windsor Locks Connecticut sooner or later. I guess the power of pen is going to have to do..I was thinking about the cliché, “Ignorance is bliss”. These days that is so true…What are parents not doing? Are they setting a good example? Do they set limits? At what age do you say enough is enough...Its still OK to say “Don’t watch that show“ Its still OK to say if your friend jumps of the bridge doesn‘t mean you have to! .. Most of the problems start when both parents work and the kids are left unattended. The supervision that young people desperately need is not there. This is how the trouble begins. Young people with very curious minds should be reminded that the TV show they watch is just what the name implies. “A Show” or an act and its not real. Its as simple as that. Tell them its fake and in between the commercials and ads that entice you buy something its designed to titillate your imagination. To provoke you into doing things that will hurt you. To make you spend money. Believe me that is true…Most shows today are designed to sell you something. A game or a product or a drug. TV today is only an advertising tool you involuntarily let into your house so they can make money. Think of it as something, “that sell things continuously“. The entertainment value is practically zero. A few years ago they had something called prime time TV...Now its mostly an exhibition of who can do the most asinine things…Real people are not like this but we are turning into a society that does crazy things to be famous. What they do is just an act for the camera. The shows or sitcoms that are still there are laced with body part jokes that are more for shock value and are not in the least bit funny. Did you notice the bullying epidemic got worst when a show called “Glee” started. The writers of that show wrote “Nip-tuck“. Doesn’t that tell you something? They turned the “Talent show” craze into a show that goes to the edge. One that pushes things to the limit. Yet, no one did anything about it. Those writers are allowed to poison the minds of the kids who will believe the stuff they write..Its the same thing with so-called reality TV. Its not real.. Then there is the internet…Believe me here, parents cannot let young minds go on the internet without supervision…Never ever trust your son or daughter to do this alone. It’s like giving them a handgun and bullets then telling them to never to load the gun…Its mental suicide…The cell phone is something else that is addicting and hazardous to your mental health. Not to mention it costs a small fortune every month. People will do practically anything to pay the cell phone bill every month. We have turned into a society walking around looking at our palms addicted to a hand held computer. How many Politicians and celebrities were caught exposing their private parts via text message? Do your kids do that? Do your kids send sex messages? When was the last time you checked your son or daughters cell phone? Think about that…A young mind is very open to suggestions good or bad. A kid will usually try anything once. TV ads prey on families where both parents work. The advertisers know this and don’t care. Its like they are setting a bad example on purpose. Young minds are being shoved and pushed in the wrong direction everyday. Families are in chaos and being torn apart because of drug and alcohol addiction. Sickness and health mean nothing anymore…My solution is simply not to watch TV. The more I talk to people about this phenomenon the more I hear of them doing the same thing. By not watching TV I feel a lot better and my mind is clear of negative thoughts and ideas. Today we are in the middle of a drug, alcohol, and electronic epidemic. They don’t want you to know this…Take a pill to feel good and if you feel good then have a drink to celebrate feeling good. Have a drink to watch a sport or celebrate a win…They want you to think If you don’t drink you will feel alone and left out because everybody drinks and takes pills.…This is what they are programming young minds to do. Kids actually think this is what real people do. They don’t want you to be an individual they want you to the join the crowd and spend, spend, spend. That is what they are really saying. They don't care who lives or dies...
Tags: ads, commericals, glee, poison, town, tv, windsor locks connecticut
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