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“No Speed Limit on Interstate 95 in Connecticut”

Fourth 054 I have come to the conclusion that there are no speed limits on Interstate 95 in Connecticut. From what I can see its go as fast as you want because State Police presence is non-existent.…So the other day I stopped and talked to a State Trooper at the truck scale In Waterford Connecticut…I kid you not..I asked him what they are doing to slow people down. I told him I do 65 or at the most 75 MPH in my Mustang and people pass me out like I am stopped. I said, I know they are going 90 or 100 MPH. He said, more or less, with a shrug of his shoulders “unless they are driving erratically we don’t stop them”. So, you heard here first. In Connecticut on Interstate 95 you can go as fast as you want..I really don’t know why or where these people are going at those speeds and I don’t know how they pay for the gas they use going that fast but I’m sure glad I don’t have to do it….
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