L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“Super Bowl XLVI”

 Well this is it, today is the big day..I can’t wait till tonight..… The Giants and the Patriots. I would have never thought the Giants would be in this big game after those four loses last season…Its amazing how they got their act together, put their differences aside and when out there as a team and beat the San Francisco 49rs. They went out there to win at any cost and they did proving once again they are toughest team in the NFL. My hat is off to Victor Cruz, one the best wide receivers I have seen in years. I don’t know how he hangs on to those pin point passes thrown by Eli Manning. This is a quarterback who doesn’t need to prove anything to anybody. He joins the ranks of being the best along with his brother and father..He faced insurmountable odds at the hands of one of best defensive teams today and thanks to a great Giant offensive line beat a very tough team. Cudos to the 49rs for a job well done…You have nothing to be ashamed of. ….Ah, yes the Super bowl…Of coarse I am picking the Giants to win but this time I am going to tell you why. The Patriot's are, to say the least consistent. So consistent that they are predictable. I know the Giant Defense will be ready for them because of this. Sure, the Patriots will try a few trick plays to create a diversion and it may work for a while but it won’t give them the edge. Remember, the New England team won the last playoff game by a missed field goal. Lets face it, the only reason they are in the Super Bowl is because the team they played made a mistake. The Patriots are so consistent that the Giants will know what they are going to do before they do it. The Giants will prevail but it won’t be by much…GO GIANTS…
Tags: go giants
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