L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“Reality Shows”

  November 2011-11-30 022   I know I’ve said this before, so this is just a another warning. I actually heard on the news that there are people who think that reality shows are what happens in real life. Ask yourself a question? If a camera crew was following you around would you do the things that you would normally do?… Of coarse not…That means its make-believe, they have casting calls.…. Its all an ACT……FAKE….ITS NOT REAL……Its true, some of  the public is convinced that the FAKE ACTORS, are doing things they normally would….THEY ARE NOT!   These are pretend shows designed to sell you things..…..The most over used word today, in my opinion is “Star”….Actors that win awards for acting are stars….All the rest, are just people that will do stupid things on TV for money……

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