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“Credit Card Denied Buying Gas?”

 Mustang Gas  I stopped to get gas yesterday at my local gas station. The price was $3.58 a gallon…Its the kind of station that you go into to pay cash or you can charge it at the pump...I always pay cash and never put in more than twenty dollars worth…It’s a far cry from the two dollars worth I put in when I was a kid and got over eight gallons for that price. ….The tank on my Mustang hasn’t been filled to the top since the year 2008... Don’t get me wrong, I could fill it up…I just won’t…I will not spend the money nor haul around the extra weight of a full tank of gas. Today I asked the girl at the register how she thought her gas customers were doing while paying this outrageous price for gas…Her friend over heard my question and came out of the back room to explain how bad she felt for the people with families and the hardship they must feel shopping for groceries. …The cashier thought that everyone was hurting because of the high prices…Both went on to explain that being married and having children was a really hard thing to do….They spoke right up on this Issue because I feel that this is what is on everybody’s mind. These two young woman were genuinely fearful.. The capper was when the cashier told me that a lot credit cards were being denied because they were maxed out…I have been saying that all along. How much more can we take? When is someone going to do something about this…Protests are going on all over the country…Anyone that is anybody is looking the other way. Your Politicians are silent, pretending its all right. They don‘t care about you or anybody but themselves and how much they can steal…No one is saying anything and all the while the economy is going down the drain while the prices keep going up… Its sick…

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