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         Its Football day and the weather is cool here, perfect for a Giant win over the Ravens…Like I said The Giants should beat the Ravens by a touchdown. I have predicted all the wins but just once I would like to get the points right on. Today I will say it will be a 6 point win…Maybe I should be happy I pick the games right and not worry about perfection. Oh well, I guess I could apply that to a lot of things. I remember years ago when being perfect was so bad that I would get angry when it wasn’t…. I have long since corrected that but every once and a while that pops up like a reminder of the past and not to go there again. I got up late today and I am still half asleep and I don’t want to wake up. So on that note I will say “Hang in there guys” it’s a long slow process but when you look back its like a “Finger snap” and you will wonder where the time went
Tags: cool, giants, reminder, time, win
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