L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“OK Here”

Nasty Sky by L.J. Ferrari The hurricane as I see from here was a dud….Here in Niantic Connecticut we had…Let me start with yesterday morning. It was very cloudy and muggy like I heard someone said “Florida humid“. The air was almost not breathable and I could smell something foul..…In the late afternoon it started to rain. Lightly at first then on and off heavy till late…I would call it a very boring day. If I didn’t know a hurricane was emanate, it was just another rainy summer day.…When I went to bed around midnight I looked out and it had started to rain really hard with a light wind. I slept all night and didn’t hear anything. I was surprised wake up and see the power on…Later that morning the power went off. I thought why, because the wind wasn’t blowing that hard…Although I heard a tree branch snap and crack in the woods behind my house…It was nothing visible though…It was like CL&P said, “oops we forgot to shut of the power off, might as well do it now” and so they did. My first impression when the power goes out is how quiet it is. As I sit here looking out the window this afternoon I know the wind is blowing because I can hear it in the trees. I wish they would turn the power on but we will survive OK without it because where there a will there is a way…I hope everyone is OK….Now at this moment here, its cloudy and windy with no rain and its getting cooler…

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