L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“One Bullet @.75 Cents”

A few days ago there was another potential terrorist threat at Fort Hood Texas. That’s two guys from there now. One “Alleged” murderer that killed his fellow soldiers in a waiting room and Psychiatrist no less and one AWOL potential murderer. He tried to buy 6 pounds of gunpowder. Some slick defense lawyer will have an explanation for that. God only knows what is going on in other Military installations around the world? It’s the one’s we don’t hear about that bother me. Bother me? Well, not really. I just feel bad for the innocent victims of these monsters. I wonder why some sharpshooter just didn’t take out this guy from Norway. I would have. If caught alive, it seems that they try to get away with murder by proclaiming insanity. Its like people agree or at least I do. In a sense they are insane but its not the same. Now, because a Sniper didn’t take them out they are locked up talking to Lawyers and we all know what that means. They have go to court, listen to all their nonsense, spend millions to support them, house them, feed them when all it would have cost was $ .75 cents for a bullet. Isn’t it weird that when they get caught alive they seem ready with their speeches, and insane excuses. It looks like that murderer from Norway was not only ready with a speech but he had publicity stills for TV and detailed explanations on why he would blow up people and kill those innocent kids. Someone said its religion. Now HBO’s Bill Maher is saying it’s Christian Terrorists. This statement has to be a ratings gag but you never really know. I said this in the past before. “Religion to me is a peaceful God who allows me a moment and the time to think and realize I am not in control of my destiny“. Its for me to realize that hate and anger have no place in my life. Somehow I can’t imagine any God condoning killing children. Hey, it makes you wonder, you never know? Normal people don’t do these things. What kind of upbringing did these psychopaths have? What kind of parents? The parents of these guys must be so proud now to see how their wonderful sons are behaving. Joining the military these days is NOT a good idea but I can understand being in the military. I was, but to actually kill an innocent human being. Shooting at a bunch of screaming kids. Wow, that’s heavy…Why? Killing kids, Its pointless misdirected anger. Is it anger or jealousy and rage at the greedy rich?  I can see that people would be angry. Hell, I am… but to actually kill someone…That’s really over the top…Who would or could intentionally kill or hurt or even take the chance of maiming an innocent person. How would you live with yourself? To wake up in the morning knowing that you could have did something to someone that caused physical injury would be more than I could handle. I can’t imagine being so consumed with hate or revenge that I would actually hurt someone… I mean they plan and know exactly what they are doing…Its, with out a doubt, unabashed premeditated murder.

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