L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari


Scum-bag This is a conglomeration of things that have been on my mind for a long time….Like I said in the past, this stuff bothers me….It must be all the negative changes and how greedy or just down right ignorant our leaders are…When it comes right down to it, the world today revolves around oil, drugs, both legal and illegal and surprisingly, something you don’t hear much about, water. Not necessarily in that order. I notice the price of gas going up again and not one person in Washington is saying anything about it…Here where I live, the State gas tax is almost a dollar a gallon, The price for regular gas is $4.15 plus a gallon. So not only is the State of Connecticut raping us of our savings they are doing it retroactively with the State income tax back to January first 2011. As far as water goes I’ll bet you have a filter on your faucet at home or you drink bottled water. In any event, you use some kind filter before you drink water. Its never straight out of the tap. I know people don’t like hearing this but sooner or later we will run out of fresh drinking water. It will take a while but we will run out. Amy just died of a drug overdose in London and I know personally of individuals who will die of alcoholism or drug addiction within the next 2 years…The disease of Addiction is on the rise more and more each day. Prescription drugs are being abused also. Not to mention the side effects of some of these drugs. Its all about money and greed and again not one person in Washington cares or will do anything about it. There are no discussions or even, “Those” deals in Washington on how to make oil companies reduce the price of gas so the U.S. economy will stabilize and survive. There are no deals whatsoever for anything out here! Everything is priced to the max! Everything is too expensive! He talks about the American people feeding their families…What planet is this guy on??? America can’t borrow enough money to fix anything. It doesn’t take a genius to know that if everyone has to buy gas to go to work there will be nothing left to buy anything else.… I can’t imagine how people do it. Think about it!… How much of your pay goes to the Arabs and the oil company’s? No one has even bothered to talk about winters in the Northeast. If you tried to run your home or business on credit or with all this borrowed money you know what’s going to happen. If you are living on credit, it will not work. The end for you is near…Borrowing money just never works…Why? Because sooner or later you have to PAY IT BACK! How much of this borrowed money is for foreign aid? Its disgusting! They NEVER pay it back and it just goes to all the corrupt leaders. This country is paying for everything around world including all the illegal’s in this country…Think about this…There wouldn’t be so many illegal’s here if they were happier in their homeland we pay for. Its absolute insanity…  I have seen quite a few presidents in my life and I am guilty of laughing at Mr. Bush but this Obama guy tops the list of being the most incompetent. He has no idea of how to run things or manage anything. The spending must stop. Its like he is trying to provoke people into anarchy. Hey, lets face it, he is pissing off a lot of people. Washington is out of control and its getting worse each day. The Terrorist’s are winning……    

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