L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“Taking a few Notes”

On taxes and predictions…Osama Now Deader said “we will hit the Americans where it hurts the most. In their pocket book, in their economy”. Then they commenced to destroy the World Trade Center. A glimpse at what we have these days? Outrageous gas prices, higher taxes, no jobs, lay-offs and crime. Not just ordinary crime if there is such a thing but the most sickening and offensive things one human can do to another human. The worst cases of child neglect and abuse since the middle ages. The killing of innocent bystanders in convenience store robberies where the take is sometimes less that $100 dollars. Politicians quitting because of sexual deviations and corruption is at an all time high and getting worse as I write this…

On Casey Anthony…This twit never thought of the consequences of her behavior. Just did what she did not caring about anything except herself. Her family is ruined. She's been in jail in solitary confinement for 3 years and now more than likely will be convicted of killing her daughter, Caylee. That beautiful little girl...They are now reading and introducing into evidence her father's suicide note. He didn’t commit suicide but wanted too. I could tell you what is going on in this trial but its something you have to see for yourself. “Tell the truth, So help you God”, is a joke. Its truly unbelievable...

On Facebook……Actually I put this disclaimer on my Facebook profile page… A while ago I had home page problems with Facebook. One day I opened my page to find 3 strange large pictures that I did not put there. They were across the top of the page. I tried everything to delete and get rid of them but to no avail. Each day the odd pictures would change.  I could not understand why they were there. I would never put anything as asinine there. They were boring and ridiculous. I wrote to Facebook at least 10 times to help me clear this up. They did nothing. I received no response. I changed the settings, I tried everything, nothing worked. The days went on. I waited for a response. My thought was, they just don’t care. Trust me, they don’t care unless an FBI agent or a Lawyer calls on them with a Lawsuit because some poor kid was raped or murdered because they put to much information on their Facebook profile page. I tried everything so I did what I needed to. I opened a new page and I changed my name to the longer version. If you read this and are confused by my full name please call me Lar or LJ……… I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.  

On the Pledge…I remember the day when they added the words “Under God” to the pledge.” My teacher, a Nun, (Sisters of Mercy) stood us up and asked us to face the flag. The Stars and stripes, 48 stars at the time was hanging on a pole on the door casing about 10 feet up. I was really little so it could have been less. We said the Pledge every day without fail before class started...Here is a something you didn’t know…. We held our little arms straight out and up at an angle like the Hitler salute. I remember when they changed it to hand over your heart. We were told to pledge the flag “Under God” because so many men and woman through the years have died for our country and he flag represents the country. If we allow them to change “Under God” The next thing you know they will want to change the words of the National Anthem....The flag lessen from the Nuns must have left an impression because I was only 6 at the time…

Tags: casey anthony, caylee, facebook, pledge, sisters of mercy, taxes
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