L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“First Impression Rule”

I feel great this morning! Yesterday I went downtown to ride my bike…Its confusing I know…Downtown is like a starting point. In my downtown there is an ocean.. I have a coarse I follow and most of it is on the beach that goes to the woods then to silent tree lined streets with no cars then back to the starting point for a total of about 8 miles. Its somewhat hilly and It goes in a big circle. A bike rider will know what I’m talking about. We make these unmarked trails or courses to follow.  I know its short but that is only half the coarse. The rest continues to the other side of town. The sun was out and I soaked up the vitamin D. It was beautiful. It doesn‘t look good for the tourists this year with the price of gas the way it is. There weren’t many yesterday and that’s unusual. Today I make my usual Sunday dinner then if the sun is out its off to Rocky Neck State beach for an afternoon bike ride. I love that place. There are a lot of unexplored woods and trails there...What a miserable week it was here in Connecticut….For one straight week there was fog and rain at night and humidity and cloudiness during the day.… Its very depressing. Something interesting happened yesterday but don’t hold me to this. I shouldn’t be saying anything but by using the first impression rule I think I met a really nice lady…Wait, I know every time I say something before it materializes I get shot down. The last one was a disaster. We will see what happens? Thinking about her puts me in a good mood but there will be no predictions. The fun and games continue… Stay tuned, more to follow at a later date…. 

Tags: bike, date, fog, games, town
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