L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“Corruption and the Late Senator Tommy Dodd”

As you all know I have this intense dislike for corruption and dishonesty. There is finally a book written by David E. Koskoff about the late Senator Thomas J. Dodd, a corrupt Connecticut  politician from the past. The title is “The Senator from Central Casting” You must remember his son Chris Dodd?  The guy that got in trouble while partying with Teddy Kennedy back in the eighty's. Check the link below and see the "Kennedy Dodd waitress sandwich". Now, there is a new book with the truth about Tommy Dodd, Chris’s father.…What a good feeling that is! This is a story that had to be told. I realize that people today don’t know who he was but I feel that even though a lot of time has passed, the bad things as well as the good things should be exposed. Its my understanding that Mr. Dodd was instrumental during the Nuremburg trials with the conviction of the German Officers who were responsible for the murder of millions of Jews. How do I know Tommy was corrupt? Because I lived it, that’s how…I remember my Dad talking about this crook. Dad didn’t get mad very much but in this case I remember that he was visibly upset. I was very young but I could tell because he would purse his lips and get silent, then *tsk* shaking his head slowly from side to side. At the time, Dodd was accused of taking money and new cars from people who wanted him to vote for things in return for certain favors . I remember when he got caught and hid some new cars and his Cadillac Limo in the State Garage in Warehouse Point Connecticut. I remember the license plate on the Limo said “Dodd” or Dodd 1”. In 1967 he was censured by his peers for taking those cash payments from people who wanted those favors. Dad said that, “He received a slap on the wrist”.…Snicker snicker, I can see Tommy looking over his shoulder to see if anyone is watching him pocket that cash. Years later they named a minor league baseball stadium after him in Norwich Connecticut, his home town.…I was upset because no one seemed to know that this creep was a thief and was censured for corruption years before. I just don’t think that anything should be named after you, if you are a crook. He died at age 65 in 1971. Today, his son Chris who is retired from the Washington glitter and is now an ex Connecticut Senator landed a job with a movie company….It just makes me wonder? Because of his father there is always that shadow of doubt.




Tags: cash, corruption, exposed, limo, new cars, norwich ct., nuremburg, thomas j. dodd david e. koshoff
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