L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

Hackers LiveJournal?”

Its really hard to post on Live Journal in the morning. Especially when you can’t get to the site. I realize they are having problems but this is not good…Hey, someone has to say it….From what they are saying. Hackers did a job on them and I think they must be continuing to hammer them…..LiveJournal must have really pissed them off.. 

I haven’t heard any of our wonderful leaders talk about the future of our country lately. Remember when they were all worried about our Grandchildren paying the deficit and how they didn’t want them to have to do that…Well, it seems like they don’t really care now because no one is saying or doing anything. Never fret though, its because they are all getting ready for reelection…Warning…I don’t know if anyone in their right mind is running for office but I wouldn’t…

This will be the future if we continue doing what we are doing….Little Geiger Counters for $699.89 to check the fruit before you buy it.  Gas $19.99 a gallon. No leaving the house without your Bullet proof vest and strip searches before you go in the grocery store...There will be no swimming signs at the ocean because of all the dead fish and wildlife washing up on the shore and the sea water is too oily. Can’t forget radioactive rain….All drinking water is radioactive and contaminated…Bottled water is $89.99 a quart. Water filters for your faucet cost $789.79 and the cemeteries are filling up….Plots cost $19,869.10 each. Hey, they got to make a buck somewhere… 

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