L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“The Shortest Way of Getting There”

Today I think I’ll go to the store and get steak and salad for dinner. Its going to rain later so then Ill watch movies on the internet. I was thinking that maybe in a few weeks of going go to the real movies in a theater. Maybe I’ll even take someone with me. The thing is I like to pick the movies I go to and I’m an action adventure guy. I noticed a sign yesterday $3.69 a gallon for gas. Thank God Summer is coming, I won’t use the car that much although I sort of like it when there are no cars on the street. That happened the last time that the price of gas went so high. Isn’t it funny how the most powerful nation in the world is brought to their knees by a few greedy people. Now that’s control for you. What’s more funny is our corrupt leaders here in the United States do absolutely nothing about it. They look at us like we are sheep being lead to slaughter. They absolutely don’t care about the people. I mind about the gas prices but what bothers me more is the way, I know they laugh at us and even more that they let it happen and the poor people suffer. Now you have to make a choice of where to go and finding the shortest way of getting there. I’m starting to get my bike ready for the summer. Cleaning it and putting air in the tires. Yesterday I even tried on a pair of shorts. Guess what? Next weekend, here on the East Coast we are changing the time. Spring ahead fall back. I can’t wait. More light till 7:30 or 8 o’clock.. More light means more heat…let the healing begin…Its almost time to get my beach pass..

       The news is, I am looking at a new place to live. Shoreline yes, close to where I live now but more in the woods. Its very quiet and less populated. You can even hear the wind blowing in the trees. I am going to apply Tuesday. Stayed tuned for that..  

Tags: corrupt, greedy, leaders, nation, sheep, summer
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