L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
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                  The Giants play the San Francisco 49ers Sunday. This one is not going to be easy even if they are in are in New York. The Red Sox play tonight and need to win or they are done. The temperature in Connecticut is 36 degrees and 18 on top of Mt. Washington. I feel pretty good and am l leaving soon to go on one of my last morning bike rides before winter.

I have discovered that I need a topic to write about. Its been interesting to have something to focus on . Not a bad thing but something that I can give my opinion about. It could be something negative or something good. It doesn’t have to be about me or happen to me. It could be about anything but it helps if its something controversial.

Mom needs to take another pill on top of the 8 she already takes. This certainly is a pill society. I think everyone takes some kind of drug good or bad. The pills she takes keep her alive. It gets to that. The pills become part of you and without them your on a sinking ship and its only a matter of time. Your on a sinking ship anyway because the pills they don't use they flush and the results end up it the envoriment and drinking water.  Well folks hang in there because its going to get bumpy……Stay tuned….

Tags: bad, giants.mom, good
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