L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“Enfield Library Again”

Enfield Connecticut Town Manager Matthew Coppler ordered Library Director Henry Dutcher not to speak to the media, according to the “Journal Inquirer” Newspaper. First, the Michael Moore film was stopped from being shown. Now the Al Gore film is being stopped. This is beginning to look and feel like Nazi Germany in the 1940s. Who does this guy think he is? Someone should remind him this isn’t Iran. Does this guy know what he doing? Coppler is a low level run of the mill Politian. A, lets say a town employee….A public servant. I’m beginning to think there is something crooked about this whole thing but then again who is stupid enough to do something like this. I mean this guy can’t be running for anything… He’s putting old Henry through Hell. Even I know that Henry avoids confrontation as much as possible. What is going on? I think an investigation by the Federal Government is needed. The Library is a public building paid for by the Enfield Connecticut tax payers. More than likely Federal money in the form of grants was used also. Who is he to say that you can’t show a movie? Its not his building. I know that he didn’t pay for the movies…The whole idea of freedom of speech is choice to watch, do or see what you want. Especially in a public building. What they say in the movies is an opinion, its their choice. It’s the choice of the people if they want to see it.  How do we know that Coppler hasn't done this before? Has he stopped certain books from being in the library? Has he stopped other movies from being there? I know that somewhere here laws were broken and this should be investigated.

                    Link to the story http://bit.ly/gNRCX0

             Link to the Town Hall    http://www.enfield-ct.gov/

              Library Home page      http://bit.ly/ib7kGr

Tags: enfield public library, henry dutcher, matthew coppler, michael moore
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