L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“My New Phone”

 I was messing around with my new phone yesterday. Its amazing and I  haven't even  turned on the internet yet. I have been practicing finding things. Hey, I’m not on this thing all day…Well, I discovered that I can write and sent messages in my hand writing. While  searching around I found that it has an FM radio. I couldn’t believe how many stations it gets and clear it comes in. Great for when I’m walking on the beach. I was in the house with my stereo head set on and it works great. The key pads pop up on the links and its easy to use with the caps and the numbers. Its fast and easy to understand. No clicking here and there or putting caps where they are not supposed to be… The camera is the best and it even makes videos.  There is so much on it and I haven’t even been on the Internet. The best part is that I have the same service and phone number that I’ve had for years with no monthly payments. I’ll need minutes before then but if I didn’t I wouldn't have to buy them until January 2012..Unbelievable…I don’t usually mention brand names or stories but this one is a winner. It’s a Nokia Nuron. I did mention the statistics and the server in a past post. My advice is before you just go out and spend a small fortune, sign a contract, give a deposit or anything at all. Think! You don’t need another monthly payment…First decide you really want a phone like this then wait for a while. They want you too but never ever buy compulsively in a situation like this….If you still want it after 3 or 4 months do the research on what you want it to do. When you find the one, check all the servers but most of all try not to sign a contract….Remember, out there in the business world anything goes, you are nothing but a consumer and all they care about is taking your money…..You never ever get anything for nothing. It may sound like it but believe me, you don’t have to spend a lot to get what you want………… Good Luck.. 

Tags: cell phone
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