L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“Valentines Day 2009”

Originally Posted February 14, 2009. This is a revised edition…

If you read my posts you will recall, I sometimes write about various girlfriends and woman in my life and how got to meet them and title them. For example  “The deli girl”, the “fruit stand girl” and one of my all time favorites the “revenge sex girl” from August 2008. I’ll have to post that rerun someday. Now, let tell you a little secret. This is classified so don’t say anything but when I see an interesting prospect and I think she may be attracted to me. I don’t know how I know this but generally I do. I think its that look. I stop and take the time to get to know her. I did get shot down by the fruit stand girl. Actually I shot myself down. No married women allowed. With my expert social skills and great smile I put on my “Antonio Banderas” act and ask if we could get to know each other better. She doesn’t have to answer because I already know. Then I say, “if she is interested to call me”. Its then I give her my card with my home phone, cell phone and EM address. Don’t forget I have done my research. Yes, I do research. I almost know without her telling me what the answer will be. They always take the card. I think woman like that clandestine stuff. Well call me a prophet and say Happy Valentines day to me, the last little lovely I gave my card to called me and we have a date tonight. I don’t do the card thing often. This is how it happened. I stopped into one of my favorite convenience stores to get a coffee and to talk to a friend of mine and OMG who was behind the counter but the “convenience store girl“. I did a double take that I hope she didn’t notice and went to get the coffee. My friend wasn’t there so it was then I went over to pay and make some small talk with you know who. That’s when I got that look. You know the one. The one you ladies make when you blush. The one where you can’t look at the guy in the eye because of what you are thinking. Right, that’s the one… I love it when that happens.. Well, after a minute or so and not getting a chance to do or say anything because of the other people that just walked into the store, I left. As I was leaving I glanced up at the reflection in the window as I was walking out. I seen her watching me leave. I knew then that I would be going back that day. Hell, It was only 10 minutes later and she had my card safely tucked away in her pocket saying she was going to call me. It didn’t take me long to turn the Mustang around and get back to the store and give it to her. It took her 2 weeks but the phone finally rang and guess who it was? Right, “the convenience store girl”…I said to myself. Self, you did it again. The irony is Its Valentines day and Lucky Lar has a date. I would have never thought that it would happen like that. Well, actually it has worked for me in the past. That alone is very interesting but I am not going to analyze it and for me there will be no expectations. Hey, I could be sitting next to the “barroom girl” crying in my non-alcoholic beer like I was doing last week. This time we will we will see what happens. Hey, who knows?

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