L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“Originally Posted on February 23, 2009”

  Ok, I’ve had it. I’ve listened to enough. I have got to write about this bail-out but first lets go back about a year and think and remember what it was like and why all this happened. We had Dopey and Mr. Evil, both friends of big oil and government contracts as our leaders and everything was going as usual. War, killing, troops dying, bombs going off killing kids and families. Black Water killing innocent civilians and the bodies of America troops being flown back from Iraq which they won’t allow us to see, by the way and just the normal everyday terrorist activities. It was another pleasant day in the United States. Yet nothing was happening in the good old USA until someone was reminded that “Look the other way George” was leaving office and this will be the last year they ( probably the oil companies or the Arabs) Remember Osama? His family are oil millionaires, would be able to steal money the legal way So they (and I really don’t know who they is) put their heads together and decided to raise the price of gas. It was determined that “Blind Man George” would look the other way so they started.. First a few pennies then a few quarters then they gave it to the American people with both barrels, no pun intended, and slowly raised the price to almost 5 dollars a gallon. THIS IS WHAT STARTED IT ALL. I called it “Economic terrorism“. We heard all kinds of excuses from, we are running out of oil, to we are using too much. It was the reason the price of food skyrocketed and all the prices to everything went up. Greed being the catalyst. They were right, our “Dopey” useless President traveled the world in Air Force One grinning that stupid grin, getting shoes thrown at him and all the people with those over priced homes and those huge mortgages which they knew they could never pay for if something like this happened, shivered in fear.. Yet the smirking fool just turned his back and took another trip. The stock market went berserk and soon the scoundrels at the bank started to foreclose and then the trouble really started. Everybody maxed out their credit cards and started selling things to keep their heads above water. I remember going to obscure low priced gas stations in another state to save 30 cents a gallon. While others waited in fear and worry on how they were going to heat their homes in the winter if they still had homes. Rumors had the price of heating oil up 10 dollars a gallon. The emotional strain on people living in places where it was going to be cold was tremendous. A lot people bought bicycles and those little motor bikes. The nation literally stopped driving and going on vacation and only used their cars for work. The commuter parking lots filled up and there was no room on busses or trains. Even the air was noticeably cleaner. Airline prices went up and some went out of business. It was too late! The credit cards were maxed out so no one could buy anything. While walking in the mall Saturday night I counted 8 maybe and more stores out of business. Famous coffee shops closed and no one bought cars. I counted 3 car dealers out of business Saturday night. What I just described is "Economic Terrorism".

        Now that we have looked at the reasons we are in the position we are in today and believe me those are the reasons! It all points to the gas prices rising. To me it means that this bail out is contingent on the gas prices staying where they are. At around $1.75 to $1.99 per gallon. I have not heard anyone say that. Its my opinion that if the gas prices go up it will be the beginning of the end. The control that they have over this Nations economy is unbelievable. If they decide to raise the price of gas to the levels it was when “Dopey” was in office the bail out will be for naught. My biggest fear is that if our economy starts to show signs of recovery (they) will hammer us again. We just have to find out who they are....

                     Oh, and by the way…..Happy New Year………..


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