L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“Originally Posted on January 3rd 2009

  Great wallThe Mideast war. I have no idea what is going on over there. I keep thinking what it would be like if those sirens on the telephone poles around here started to sound. I can hear the breaking news now.. It would say “Take cover”, the rockets are hitting Main street Windsor Locks. The bridge over the Connecticut river has been hit and 30 cars went into the water. Snipers are hiding and firing from the woods are preventing helicopter rescue from the sub zero water. At Bradley International Airport the runway has been shelled by Mortars grounding the Air National Guard….The Mayor of Windsor Locks was killed by a roadside bomb on his way to work. OMG what would we do?…

          I am not religious but I do recall years ago someone saying the “Persecution of the Jews has been going on for 2000 years and will never end“. I think it had something to do with the bible and Jesus. I am not too familiar with the History but every time something happens over there that statement pops into my head….It seems true. Its been happening for as long as I can remember. I think they built a big fence around the Israeli area to keep the bad guys out. I don’t know, its either that or to keep the people in a certain place. I think it has to with some land somebody wants. It doesn’t seem worth killing each other, does it? Isn’t the Great Wall of China one of those fences. I think it was built to keep the Huns out. I heard that it’s the only thing you can see from the space shuttle. I will check on that. Doesn’t the USA have a fence on the Mexican border. I think so or somebody wanted to build a big one. Do we know why they are killing each other over there. I think the good old USA sold both sides weapons. I don’t know who could ever live like that? There are religious wars all over the world. Its so confusing. I think the problem is that every one believes in a different God. Why couldn’t we just have a meeting and agree on a nice God? I think the Jews don’t believe that God was here yet, I am not sure about that? The Radical Muslims have “Allah “who say that is OK to kill children in his name. In fact the bad guy teachers tell you that if you do this and kill yourself at the same time you will get a lot of Virgins in the next life. What's up with that? From what I understand in Heaven there is no unhappiness so you don't need Virgins. What happens when you run out of Virgins? It doesn't make sense to me. Personally, I wouldn’t want all those young girls with their attitudes hanging around all day. I like an experienced woman myself but that’s just me. One of reasons this country has the problems we do is because all these angry people are relocating here to be safe. In the past I have said there are too many people, too many stores and not enough room. It can only end the way it is ending now with the failure of our economy.

                    While I am on a roll here. How come with all our technology we haven’t captured Osama? What is up with that? I know and I am half kidding here because if you use Google Earth to find Afghanistan you will see that its all mountains and rocky terrain. From what I have read the Taliban have went underground like the Viet Cong did years ago. It would really difficult to find somebody if they wanted to stay hidden in that country. Still I wouldn’t want to live underground like a rat for the last 8 years never knowing if the U.S. Army was going to knock on my door at any given moment…Having said that, we should at least let the people of this country know we are still trying to find the Bastard. Now, there is something going on between Pakistan and India. Of coarse you know, if they start flinging rockets at each other that means more people here then of coarse more Convenience Stores and Package stores. Well, that’s it, except to say I am really tired of all the senseless killing in the name of God. They say to be grateful and thank God that we live in the United States. Which God should we thank?
           The Picture is the Great Wall of China from the Shuttle.......

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