L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari


Barometer 1 002This is the reading at 7:00 last night of the Barometer in my house during the Blizzard. Later in the evening it went lower than that 29 that’s there. I don’t remember ever seeing it like that. They said the Sun should come out Tuesday…     

         I didn't ask or want anything for Christmas except peace of mind and good memories and this year it happened like this.. I had a great visit and dinner at my sons house in Windsor Locks Christmas night and on Christmas Eve my ex-wife and I went to her sons house in Bozrah Connecticut. All the kids ( my step kids) were there. It was great.. My 2 brain dead sons. The ones that have issues don't know what they are missing. Wow, are they going to suffer with the, I should haves and the, I could haves when they get older. Those 2 are the only “Stain” in my life. The best part is I am going to buy a gift for myself with the money I would have spend on them. I can't wait and I’ll take great pleasure in doing that. All in all I did good and had a great time. I did get what I wanted, a lot of good thoughts and wonderful memories. 

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