L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“Rerun 6”

                             First posted on November 25, 2008


I have decided to end my self-imposed misery at long last…The winter is here and that’s that. Nothing I do or say will change it back to summer. I hung my bike from the ceiling like in the Seinfeld sitcom and have started my long walk, sometimes run regiment. Its usually dark so I don’t run in the unlit areas. I don’t want to get shot by mistake by someone thinking I am running away from a crime. I can’t go where its warm for any length of time because of Mom and I accept that, or do I.. Something evil inside of me wants to be angry and go and do what I want like when I was younger and more of a free sprit. The problem is I am not that person anymore. Its not really a problem. I just have a conscience now. The other day someone told me a conscience was the “Voice of God“. I thought about that and it makes sense and I truly believe that. Lately I have been in my teaching mode. I have a wealth of knowledge and quite a few years of experience in avoiding trouble and mistakes and sometimes I get angry because its too easy in our society to fall into the traps and pitfalls set for the innocent. If I can help someone, even if its only a pause to think before acting I have done my job. Don’t get me wrong, being a bit of a risk taker, at times I take chances that I shouldn’t. No one is perfect and I do or say things that are inappropriate and sometimes off the cuff. If you read my blog you know what mean. The thing is I admit my mistakes and I talk about it and tell the truth. Everyone makes mistakes and most of us learn by our errors but there are always the ones that make the Fruitcake news…. Ah, the Fruitcake news. The news that makes you glad that you born with a brain and had parents and grandparents that taught you the difference between good and bad. You know, the parents that said to pay attention to that little voice in your head that tells you not to use drugs, not to marry that guy he’s an abuser or not to put yourself in position for bad things to happen. In 2008 that whisper or voice you hear will help you avoid prison or some other disastrous fate.

             In The Fruitcake news today a man In Enfield Connecticut is arrested and in jail under a Million dollars bond for beating his Grandmother to death….Enough said........

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