L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“Rerun 4”


                                Written on December 19,2008

Mom actually went out and did her shopping. I was proud of her. She tired early but at least she got out and had breakfast and got to feel the fresh cold air. She enjoyed that. The grocery shopping went well and because there will be storm today bought extra stuff. Like she will not be able to get out. She lives in an “Assisted” living center. Its like a castle. There are actually chandlers in the dining room. There is no chance to be snowed in. It’s a place that everything is done for you. During our shopping spree I seen a lot of people shopping, more than usual all buying more than they need. People are funny. This isn’t the old days, there is a freaking drug store or convenience store every 3 blocks with more choices than you could ever make. You don’t need 5 cans of tuna, 3 bags of ice, 4 jars of peanut butter and 5 loaves of bread. If your hungry go next door there is a house every 12 feet…I am just kidding but really, save your money The storm will be over before you even get hungry…

       I haven’t heard from my ex-wife. I hope she is all right. I called and I know my name popped up on the caller ID and she hasn’t called back.. I am not a message leaver < (I just invented a new word) Definition (One who is reluctant to leave messages on a cell phone or regular phone.) An EM will do Hun. I hope you are OK…..

     I’ve got to go now and buy, its 6 days till Christmas so I will buy 6 geese a laying whether I need them or not….
I took this picture last year. Its the park In Windsor Locks Connecticut at night.

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