L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“ A New Face”

As you all probably noticed I have put a new face on my Journal page. The idea is to modernize and expose the morons and low-life's of our society. Yes, of our Society! Its not getting better, its getting worse every day. In fact its so bad that at times I feel overwhelmed, hopeless and lost. I stopped posting everyday because it was the only way for me to feel better and what's the difference, nothing changes anyway. I will now use the resources of Social networking, the internet and the news to expose all the corruption I can. I have joined with the masses who blog about these issues and from now on I will write, use Facebook or Twitter to expose everyone I can. I have discovered a while ago to my delight that I am not alone with the way I feel but I am still just one. by joining the others I feel that together we can make it very uncomfortable for the corrupt politicians and the fools with no morals. The more voices we have the worse it is for the greedy and the selfish…We are all watching you. Everyone is watching you when you lie, steal, cheat, accept bribes and write or promote things that influence our youth into negative behavior. We will see you when you sell drugs to young people and ruin their lives. Always remember, we will see you, we are watching you. Maybe it won’t be me personally but it will be someone just like me…Beware you fool. Your life expectancy is short but if you are lucky, just maybe but not likely you will get older. If you do, you will have those evil thoughts that will haunt and plague you till the day you die! I guarantee, It won't be pleasant.        

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