L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“One Thousand Entry's”

This is my 1000th consecutive entry to LiveJournal. That’s almost 3 years with out missing a day. From this point forward, my entry's won’t be a daily occurrence. I have no reasons or excuses. To me it was a goal to post every day for a 1000 straight days whether it was with a movie, pictures or words. No, I’m not going anywhere, its just I set my mind to do this and I did. I am not leaving. I’m just going to take a break every once and a while and not feel guilty about it…I will post but not every day. Lets face it, everything ends, good or bad..I’ve reached a milestone. This has to end somewhere and I am going to let it happen. I am doing this mostly because all that is on my mind lately is our country is spinning out of control. Even our President is not trusted by his own party. I only see a future of sadness and fear. We, the people of America must realize we cannot save the world! We cannot solve the world problems! We cannot pay for the world debt! Someone has to make some hard decisions. There is more to life than to spend, spend, spend. Its virtually impossible to pay the debt we have now and there are some really insane things going on out there and its costing this country a fortune. I understand change but what is happening is happening too fast and its out of control. I am disappointed at the direction and the progress this country is making and I fear for my Niece's, Nephews and Grandchildren and all the young people that have and will have nothing in the future except overcrowding and an expensive greedy environment. They will never know peace and what it was like only a few years ago when I was a young man. What we have today is a drug and alcohol riddled society and promiscuous behavior with no values or morals. It seems like anything goes and if the greedy can take advantage of you they will with no conscience or consequences. They would hurt you financially, mentality, physically and morally just to take your money and they won’t feel a thing. Its like you are left by the side of the road to die. Only with them, its on to the next victim. With you its suffering, payments and credit card bills and if you are very lucky maybe you will have a real job to pay for all that. Success today means to join the madness. Yes, maybe for a short time you will be content but you will never be really happy because its only instant gratification. Anyone with a conscience will feel guilt and remorse later in life. I guarantee there will never be peace in your soul…  

Behaviors and Words they rarely teach anymore. 
















Tags: conscience, consequences, courtesy, modesty, morals, responsibility, reverence, values
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