L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“Break In”

I was in the grocery store yesterday and while putting my Holiday social skills to work, I commented to a rather attractive lady in isle 9 that I thought there were too many items to choose from. She immediately agreed and commented its confusing and how at times they, “Deceived you into buying certain products”. She said she “Spent more time, reading label's then it was worth”. The conversation led to our children and the Holidays. I got the feeling and I sensed that she needed to talk, it was like something was on her mind…Well, I guess there was…She said, “Her sons house was broken into last night and a rather expensive camera was stolen”. The thing is, they were sleeping at the time and never knew this happened. They woke in the morning to find the Camera and the Christmas presents missing. I don’t know if you have ever heard of Amherst Massachusetts but it’s an affluent community about 30 miles from the Vermont border just off of Route 91. It’s a College town. Her son and his wife live next door to Amherst College. Lets face it, it’s a school for the rich and famous. I didn’t ask too many questions, I just let her talk. She said her son and his wife slept through this ordeal and were grateful for that. She commented that her son felt that the items stolen, “Could be replaced and that at least they could afford to do that”. I told her that I felt bad for them but thank God they didn’t wake up and frighten the burglar. He could have been armed and hurt them. She was relieved and thankful that it didn’t happen but visibly shaken. We talked a little longer and when I felt that she had calmed down and felt better by sharing this. I reached up to the top shelf and retrieved the baking soda she was looking for. She thanked me for listening and told me to keep my sense of humor, she then gave me a hug and walked away…Then of coarse I started thinking. To wake up and walk into the living room only to find out that someone was in your house. Wow, what a feeling? A stranger, a villain, someone capable of God only knows what. Standing in your bedroom doorway looking at you in bed sleeping. What was he thinking while he was looking at you? Did he have a weapon? I feel violated and and this was someone else's story. Of all towns for this to happen. This is a very rich community. The homes there cost millions. When they say things like this don’t happen here well, this time its true, things like that don’t happen there. Not next door to a Collage like that. I’m not rich but living where I live at times I have the opportunity to rub elbows with the wealthy. I don’t care how much money you have, you are not bullet proof and you still have issues and problems. Remember this old cliché ? “Money can’t buy happiness”. Well. its true it can’t. Just because you have a few dollars doesn't make you exempt from violence.    

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