L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“Shoplifter Caught”

shop 44 003220px-USSArizona_PearlHarbor_2

I just happen to be going to the store yesterday when I seen the police arrest this guy for shoplifting. Note the handcuffs. Someone told me that when I went into the store. I was glad there was no shooting. I didn’t want my car to get any bullet holes in  it. That’s it in the foreground plus I wasn’t wearing my bullet proof vest…I always have my camera with me and I felt like maybe the cops would say something. Then I thought people are taking pictures of anything and everything these days. Why not take this. This is the second shopping mall parking lot arrest picture I have taken. Anyway, I did get my new glasses. I like the frameless kind because they are light and I forget they are on. Now I have a backup pair in case I lose one. I did that a long time ago while riding my bike. I think I wrote about that a long time ago. I stayed home last night. It was too cold to go anywhere. The wind off the ocean is unbearable but I love it. This afternoon I will take a walk. I don’t care how cold it is…On a sad note. So far this month I have heard only one TV channel say anything about Pearl Harbor. This cowardly attack happened 69 years ago yesterday. The picture above is the Battleship U.S.S Arizona after it was bombed as it sank in the harbor.  If its taken that long to forget this act of terrorism. The Assassination of J.F.K. The World Trade Center and all the senseless killing going on now all over the world will soon be forgotten. All we have are the graves of the dead to remind us.. This is not a History lesson. Its just a reminder that the Japs killed a lot of civilians and United States Military that day. Approximately 2500 …If your interested in the facts, the link from Wikipedia will tell the story…



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