L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari


..I went out to breakfast yesterday…I am so lucky to have a bunch of friends like I do..Which reminds me I have to go up to visit my real family for the holiday..Somehow I think they are doing just fine without me..I started to get the Mustang ready for that trip. I got an oil change yesterday. It was 500 miles over due but that should be it. I have spent enough money on that car during the past year…Not much else going on today…Talking about that car..I got a Car Insurance bill yesterday also…Surprise…Merry Christmas Larry!  Payment due by…  I’m excited about picking up my new glasses today. Its sort of a Christmas present to myself..The weather is really cold and I’m glad I downloaded all the movies and TV shows I did…I went to the beach yesterday..It was  cold so I could only stay out for 40 minutes. However I did find some sea glass and a dime on the beach so it was worth it…Snow should be coming soon..They are saying rain but this time of year you never know. I’m ready for it….I think… 


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