L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“Angry Nation”

Yes, we voted for this President for change and I actually had tears in my eyes when he got elected. I thought things were going to get better. What we got was someone who changed America into a nation of discouraged, angry and resentful people. This is his legacy so far….We have two major nations talking Nuclear weapons. Instead of talking peace about Korea, we send an aircraft carrier over there to intimidate them.  We have thousands of American troops and equipment scattered all over the world costing billions in dollars and American lives. Crime and drug use In America are at a all time high and no seems to care. Psychopath Terrorists are coming out of the woodwork here trying to blow up Christmas tree ceremonies and Times Square. Gasoline is over $3 dollars a gallon. Illegal aliens are running around all over the place. Welfare is out of control. Our brilliant American kids are graduating High School and College and are working in fast food or as cashiers in other low paying jobs. Sometimes I think it’s a big conspiracy to get young people to join the military.Think about that. We are practically stripped searched if we want to fly anywhere and we are spied on from places you can’t even imagine. Buy something on the internet and you take the chance of having your identity stolen. There is more corruption and debt than you have ever seen or will ever be able to pay back.  He froze government employee wages but did he freeze the Senators and Congressmen's wages? These people should voluntarily give up their annual raises for 5 years and donate their salary to the poor. This bunch of thieves and manipulators could live on what the lobbyist's give them every year or the tax free money they get under the table. I was wondering, who pays for the bullet proof limo they ride around in? How about the private jet? If you think these bastards are going to be hand searched or x-rayed, think again. Who pays for their free lifetime medical insurance? And let me tell you its not the cheap kind. They don’t deserve what they get. Yes, I understand there are those that don’t believe they are corrupt. In Connecticut alone we have had a Governor not too long ago who went to prison. No one would believe hat either. The Mayor of our capital city was just convicted of corruption. The new Mayor of Hartford Connecticut is a gay lawyer! Not that there is anything wrong with that. Just another thing to think about. Did you know we have a Drug Czar? His name is Gil Kerlikowske. His annual salary is about $170,000. That’s $3270 dollars a week plus free full medical and a 3 week vacation. Does it look like this moron has done anything to stop the flow of drugs coming into this country. The rumor is he for legalizing medical marijuana. If true, we will have rehabs and halfway houses on every corner. How about the Military? He should cut their pay too. Shouldn’t he?….How about his pay check? He makes $400,000 a year. That’s $7692 dollars a week and he gets a free house and the plane of his choice, plus meals, body guards and every fringe benefit known to man. They are all government employees. They may not realize this but they work for you and me. If they can abuse the the public trust, they can afford a pay cut. This is not a free country anymore and it hasn't been for a long time. We are being held hostage here in America by security cameras, x-ray searches, pat downs, crime, greed and dishonesty. Do they even teach kids to be honest in the schools today? I pledge allegiance to the flag….Wait, can I still say that???… Oh well, In God we trust. Wait! don’t shoot, I only mentioned God…Please hold your fire….  OMG, 2 more freaking years of his rhetoric, nonsense and lies.        

Tags: government employee wages
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