L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“If The Walls could Talk”

At times I look for old buildings. These were built to last in the late 1800s They belong to the State of Connecticut. They were used as institutions for the handicapped children of the last century. Mostly the young people with Downs Syndrome or were Autistic. The masonry and stone work in the archways is magnificent. The rumor is the State wants to sell the property and buildings and build condos. The ocean view is beautiful…

State Institution 002State Institution 004

State Institution 005State Institution 006

State Institution 007State Institution 013

State Institution 018State Institution 016

State Institution 020State Institution 029

State Institution 048State Institution 058

State Institution 060State Institution 064

State Institution 069State Institution 067

State Institution 023State Institution 010

State Institution 021State Institution 066

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